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Most of people all over the world will not think twice before spending huge amounts of cash on designing their houses and they should rightly do so. But when the house does not bring them peace and harmony and instead the ill effects of Vastu are experienced the same people consult astrologers, palmists and some blame their destiny or luck. Vastu is essentially the art of correct settings one can place himself in such a manner as to derive maximum benefits. Samir Upadhyay/AstroSamir will help you to make a peaceful and progressive life through Vastu Tips. You can ask Samir Upadhyay/AstroSamir for all kinds of problems related to house and plots. You have to send complete details of building-plan and layout for Vastu solutions. Samir Upadhyay/AstroSamir will give solutions to your Vastu-problems connected with house, apartments, hotels, commercial complexes, parks, industries, hospitals, nursing homes, factories, offices, shops, educational institutions etc.

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