Gems Stoney


Gems Stoney

Gems Stone are used in Indain astrology to avert the negative influence of various planets or to increase their positive effects. The use of gems has been mentioned in the Vedic literature—the Brihat Samhita, Bhava Prakash, Ayurveda Prakash, Guruda Purana etc .

The gem therapy described in this book is based on the Vedic (Indian) or sidereal system of astrology.Each sign of the zodiac is ruled by a planet, and each planet gives off a cosmic vibration. The gems absorb or reflect the planet's vibration, or rays. Wearing the proper gem can increase a planet’s positive effect on the wearer.

Gems surround their wearer with an electromagnetic field. wearing the correct gemstone allow only the planet’s positive effects to work on the person.

It is important to note, however, that wearing the wrong gemstone can have a negative effect on the wearer. Wearing the wrong gems short-circuits the subtle body’s energy fields. Thus physical or mental problems may result. Great care should be taking when using a gemstone of a naturally malefic planet to counter act its bad effects, as instead, it may increase the bad effects of the malefic planet.

To have maximum effect, the gemstone chosen should be of good quality. The better the gem’s quality, the more powerful its effect. Do not wear cracked or chipped gems, as they can have a very detrimental effect. Thoroughly inspect gems for defects before purchasing them.The gem’s size is also important. It is best that a precious stone be at least four carat; five or more carats are better. The minimum size for gems is determined by the placement of planets in your horoscope. The larger stone should have the full effect.

It is sometimes not advised to wear gems that magnify the strength of planets already benefic to the wearer. The gem may make the planet’s effect more powerful than the wearer can bear.When choosing to wear a gemstone, it is important to consider one’s overall astrological chart and to understand the synergy between the various planets. It is best to have a qualified astrologer prescribe the gem. Sometimes more than one gem will be prescribed. Gems have more effect when worn on particullar day and in auspisious muhurta.

Astrological Remedial Measures :
Gems help to improve the effects planets have on us. To counter the malefic effects of a planet, one can also chant planetary mantras, perform sacrifices and worship, and give charity along with wearing the gem. These other activities also increase the gemstone’s effect.

In general, gemstones should be worn to strengthen weak planets as calculated by the astrological chart. It is best to strengthen benefic planets when they are weak. Care should be taken when attempting to strengthen naturally malefic planets, such as Saturn and Ketu, and gems used for this purpose should definitely be prescribed by a qualified astrologer.

Gems for Health :
Gemstones can be used to cure diseases caused by afflicted planets, according to Ayurveda. To find the most effective gems for one’s particular illness, one should be diagnosed and appropriate remedies prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor. To make such medicines, the gems are powdered (pishti) or from the ashes (bhasma). High quality gems can also be placed in a solution of diluted alcohol and set in a dark place for between twelve hours and seven days. The gemstones are then removed and the alcohol solution used as medicine. This gem tincture can be kept in storage; it does not quickly lose its potency. The gemstone itself is also reusable. To store such medicine, place it in a box the same color as the gem used. This will protect the tincture’s potency. The usual dosage is about ten drops in half a cup of water, and then drunk. Some authorities believe that alcohol should not be used because it is not a pure substance.

Gems can also be tinctured in water, which is considered by some authorities to be a purest system. Place a gem in a glass of water in the sun for two to four hours or overnight. If overnight, the tincture should be drunk the next day; water tinctures quickly lose their potency.

Wearing Gems:
Ideally, gems should be worn on the correct finger, should be set in the correct metal, and should be the correct weight. They will have the best effect if they are also worn on the correct day and at the correct time of day. At least the installation of the gems should be performed on the correct day, and proper mantras should be chanted when they are first put on. It is best if the gem’s wearer, him or herself, chants the mantras.

It is important to clean gems before wearing them. They can be cleaned by running water over them for six to eight hours, by burying them overnight in the earth and then rinsing them with clean water in the morning, by placing them in a candle flame, or by placing them in direct sunlight. They can also be purified by being placed next to a crystal quartz.

Power of Colors:
Seven colors radiate from the body: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and indigo. Astrological gems are used in relation to these seven colors. Gems work by absorbing particular colors. Colors can have a subtle effect on a person’s mood, situation, behavior, and destiny. Gemstones have the most condensed form of concentrated color of all elements in the world.

The colors that we wear as well as the colors we choose to paint our walls, have an effect upon us. Bright colors tend to brighten our mood, and they indicate the luxuries in and pleasures of life. Dull colors tend to make us more somber. Shades of red represent passion and energy. Light blues and light greens represent peace and calm. White represents purity, innocence, and peace. Light colors are more conducive to sound sleep; bright or dark colors can cause sleep to be restless.

Thus each gem and each planet emit particular colors and vibrations. Negative planetary vibrations can be averted, and positive planetary vibrations attracted, by wearing gems of particular colors. Gems have stronger or weaker effects depending on the color emanated and the rate of absorption. The wavelength of the red light emanating from the Sun is the same as the wavelength of the red light emanating from a ruby. Therefore, rubies can help solve afflictions arising from a weak sun in the native’s birth chart.

The planets and colors are: Sun - Golden, dark yellow, orange; Moon - White; Mars - Red; Mercury - Green; Jupiter - Yellow; Venus - Rainbow; Saturn - Black, indigo; Rahu - Red, honey; Ketu - Purple.

Relation of the Planets :
There is a gem stone that relates to each of the nine planets. These nine stones are called Navaratnas (nine gems). Five of them are categorized as Maha Ratnas, and are considered superior. These are diamond, ruby, emerald, blue sapphire, and pearl. If the better quality stones are too expensive, it is all right to wear a good quality substitute, but the higher the stone’s quality, the stronger the effect.

Installation of Gems :
1. First wash the gem in water (if possible Ganges water).
2. Then wash the gem in milk.
3. Then wash the gem again in water.
4. Then place the gem on an altar or sacred place before a picture of the deity of the planet that is related to the gem being installed. For instance, the gem should be placed before the deity of Surya or a yantra for the Sun if the planet that the gem is for is the Sun.
5. Incense should be offered.
6. The mantras for the planet should be chanted.
7. The ring should be placed on the hand.

Gem Substitutes:
There are two types of man-made substitutes, synthetics and simulants. A synthetic gem is made of exactly the same substance as the natural gem, but it is grown in a laboratory. It can sometimes be difficult to tell a natural gem from a synthetic one. Natural stones often have inclusions, which help with identification. Synthetics sometimes have lines or bubbles by which they can be identified.

Occasionally, a substitute substance or gem may be passed off as the real thing. For example, a cheaper gem may be substituted for a more expensive one—citrine quartz can be substituted for the more precious topaz. Such substitutions are fraudulent.

Simulants are not composed of exactly the same substance as real gems, but when one examines them, they appear to closely resemble the natural stone. Cubic zirconia (zirconinum oxide) highly resembles a diamond and may be sold as such. Imitation gems are often made of glass, plastic, or a combination of two (doublets) or three (triplets) substances. The parts may be imitation or real.

Navaratna Ring or Pendant :
The Navaratna ring or pendant contains all nine planetary gems. Substitute gems should not be used in such settings, and substituting for the more expensive stones should not be necessary because each gemstone used is actually quite small. All the gems should be real and flawless. The following gems are to be set in a Navaratna arrangement: diamond, emerald, ruby, pearl, coral, cat’s eye, sapphire, topaz, and hessonite.A Navaratna ring is believed to bring happiness, prosperity, honor, fame, mental peace, long life, and wealth. A Navaratna ring will enhance the good effects of any planets in their own signs or in signs of their exaltation.

This ring should be prescribed by an astrologer. The astrologer should also set the auspicious day and time at which to wear the ring. A qualified person should perform the puja (worship).

The ring can be set either in gold or silver, and the nine gems should be set in a prescribed order—which an Indian goldsmith should know.

The mantra to be chanted for this ring: “Om Surya namaha, Chandraye namaha, Budhaye namaha, Brihaspataye namaha, Mangala namaha, Shukraye namaha, Shaniaye namaha, Rahuaye namaha, Ketuaye namaha, Nava grahaye namaha.” This mantra should be chanted one thousand times a day for fifty days.

Prescribing a Gems:
Using gemstones as astrological remedies is a complicated science, and it is best to consult a qualified astrologer before making any decisions in this regard. Wearing an incorrect gem can be severely detrimental to one’s health and happiness.There are those who think that if a krura-graha, cruel planet, is badly placed in the chart, one should not use its gemstone to improve its effects. This is because the gemstone may also strengthen the planet’s bad effects. It would be better, these experts say, to use another gem—one that would strengthen the positive planets in the chart and therefore improve one’s situation overall.

Other experts say that wearing gemstones filters out the negative rays of the afflicting planets and allows only their positive aspects to work on the wearer. Whatever one’s point of view, it is certainly not a good idea to wear a gem to strengthen an afflicted planet without having that gem prescribed by a qualified astrologer. In prescribing gems, the birth chart must be drawn to see how the various planets are positioned in the rasis (zodiacal signs) and bhavas (houses). An astrologer would then look at the position of the planets in the signs and houses, whether they are in friendly signs, are exalted, are well- aspected, or are in mulatrikona. All these things give positive effects and strengthen a chart. Besides checking the birth house chart, a navamsa chart is often also drawn and examined in Sidereal astrology.

Things astrologers may check to prescribe a gem stone:
1. The lagna (rising) sign, and placement of their lord.
2. The mahadasha or major planetary period. Sometimes gems will be prescribed to help during a particular mahadasha, and then removed after that planetary period has passed.
3. The Moon’s position in the chart.
4. The overall chart is assessed: which planets are exalted, sign ownership, aspects, and other positions.